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Cart Reminder

App Demo 

We know that some of these great items with incredible prices might seem appealing, however, this is not a real shop! The purpose of this page is to showcase the functionality of Cart Reminder Wix App. By adding the app, you'll easily get the same functionality on your Wix Store!

How to use the app as a customer:

  1. Click on any of the below listed products.

  2. Click on Add To Cart.

  3. A popup window will appear that asks for consent in order to send you facebook notifications from our Wix Store. (The style and text of this popup is completely customizable to match the look & feel of your brand)

  4. Once you subscribe to receive the notifications, you'll receive 2 facebook messages from us. BONUS: the facebook recovery messages that will be sent to you will contain a 1 month free voucher for our app - practice what you preach! :)

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