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Connect Wix Store to Google Merchant Center

In this tutorial, we will show you how to add the products from your Wix Store in the Google Shopping category of Google Search. 

Connect Wix Store to Google Merchant Center

Connect Wix Store to Google Merchant Center

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Step 1

Install the Google Shopping by MKP Wix app. This app will help you generate a product feed and communicate any changes done on your Wix Store.

Step 2

Create an account on Google Merchant Center by clicking on Sign In. Upon creating the account, add your Wix website and select the option that you are selling products online. You may need to verify your phone number in the process as well.

Step 3

In this step, we will verify your Wix website in order to fully connect your website to Google Merchant Center. Please copy the HTML tag provided by Google.

Next, please open the Wix Dashboard. In the left-menu select Settings, then scroll down and click on Custom Code. 


google shopping feed select wix custom code.png

Paste the copied HTML tag within the code snippet area and you can click on Apply. After you've added the snippet, you can go back to the Merchant area and click on Verify Website. Your Wix website is now verified with Google Merchant Center and you may remove the Custom Code snippet that you've added earlier! 


Step 4

In this step we will connect the Wix app we previously installed to your Google Merchant Center. In the "Add Products" wizard, please select the option "Add multiple products at once"


After you add your target countries, you will need to create a Feed. Make sure to select "Scheduled Fetch" and to name your feed, then click on Continue. 


Open the Google Shopping by MKP Wix app again, and copy the feed url generated by the app.



Add the Google Shopping Feed url in the "File URL" field and select the time when Google should look for new updates from your Wix Store. Then click on Create Feed. 

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