Wix Abandoned Cart  Recovery App 

Recover Wix Stores lost sales with SMS or Facebook Messages.


Did you know

Did you know that on average Online Stores have a cart abandonment rate of 74%?

The Online Store global average of cart abandonment is an astonishing 74%! This means that only 1 out of 4 visitors that add a product to their shopping cart end up completing the checkout process. The reasons for why this happens are plenty, ranging from more questions about the product to having difficulties while purchasing on a mobile phone. Just imagine that addressing even some of these problems could mean doubling your revenue!  


Did you know that Online Stores that use Cart Abandoned recovery emails have a revenue growth of 15%?

Most e-commerce platforms offer an out of the box solution to recover lost sales using emails that are sent when a cart is abandoned. On average, 48% of the abandoned cart emails are opened, 21% of the emails have a link clicked and in the end 10.7% of these lost sales are recovered. That's great! But is there a better way to recover lost sales?


What’s the best way to recover lost sales?

Nowadays, our email inbox is flooded with promotional emails and we rarely open these emails. Even for cart abandoned emails, that remind us of an action that we did just hours before, the opening rate is barely 40%. 

Cart Reminder app uses Facebook Messages to help you recover abandoned carts. Unlike emails, Facebook Messages have an opening rate of 95%! This will greatly help you increase sales and enable you to connect with customers on a more personal level. Even better, you don't have to pick between emails or Facebook Messages, why not use both?! In the end, the sole purpose should be to increase your store's revenue!

How does Cart Reminder

App Work

Cart Reminder



Steps to work our Cart Reminder app

  • Install the app on your Wix website.

  • Connect your Facebook Page to the app

  • Customize & add the Facebook Cart Recovery Widget to your website

  • Every time a visitor adds a product to his cart, a light-box will ask the user for consent to send him/her promotional offers

  • If the user provides the consent, then your Facebook Page will send 2 abandoned cart Facebook Messages over the next 24 hours. Of course, you can customize the time that the messages are being sent, their content, and even include a discount coupon to encourage the customer to buy!

  • The Facebook Messages include a checkout link that pre-fill the shopping cart with the lost orders automatically! Also, if the customer has questions related to the order he can ask and a chat will be opened with your Facebook Page.

  • Final step: watch your sales lift off!